VinAI launches groundbreaking driving technology at CES 2023

          VinAI launches groundbreaking driving technology at CES 2023
VinAI launches groundbreaking driving technology at CES 2023
"Orang yang pesimis selalu melihat kesulitan di setiap kesempatan. Tetapi orang yang optimis selalu melihat kesempatan dalam setiap kesulitan."

Imam Ali Kwh

BENTENGSUMBAR.COM - VinAI announces the world-first Auto Mirror Adjustment (AMA) and 'Jelly View', the two newest features of the cutting-edge Driver and Occupants Monitoring Systems and Advanced Surround View Monitoring Systems.

VinAI is transforming the automotive industry by ensuring that driving is both safe and comfortable via cutting-edge AI Technology in the form of smart in-vehicle solutions.

At CES 2023, VinAI brings a new generation of smart products to be experienced in the VinFast VF 8 and VF 9. 

The specially-equipped EVs are fitted-out with the full suite of Driver and Occupants Monitoring System and Advanced Surround View Monitoring System containing innovative AI technology developed by VinAI.

The new two superior features introduced to the public include:

Auto Mirror Adjustment: This world-first feature gives drivers the power of personalized perfect mirror adjustment by just pressing a button. 

The feature will then provide the optimal mirror alignment position to make driving safer. Normally, this problem would require two or more cameras to solve, but VinAI can accurately predict eye position with just one infrared camera. 

This feature is demoed live, in addition to the full range of Driver and Occupants Monitoring System (DMS/OMS) which includes highly accurate Facial Recognition for theft prevention, Driver Drowsiness and Attention Warning, Advanced Driver Distraction Warning, and dangerous behavior detection.

DMS/OMS can run on multiple SoCs such as Nvidia, Qualcomm, Renesas, Ambarella, and others.

Jelly View: The newest feature of the Advanced Surround View Monitoring System (ASVM), Jelly View offers a fully transparent, 360-degree view of the car, which provides live-time undisturbed imagery of all surroundings. 

It offers a complete visual awareness of the environment around the car and identifies obstacles in "blind" areas, shown as a smooth and high-quality 360/3D view reconstructed by combining the images from four fisheye cameras with best-in-class algorithms. 

VinAI's ASVM system is optimized to deliver best-in-class image stitching quality with high performance and low computation cost. 

The system is also flexible and can run on different hardware platforms so that it can be integrated into various car ranges from different segments.

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